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Advantages of aluminum (including cast aluminum and aluminum alloy) radiators

Update:2015-05-28         Views:
What are the advantages of using aluminum materials (including cast aluminum and aluminum alloys) as heat sinks compared with other materials: such as energy saving, material saving, decoration, price, weight, etc.
The high thermal conductivity of aluminum alloys is the determinant of good heat dissipation and the ideal medium for thermal energy conversion. Features are: less time, fast heating, high efficiency. Lightweight and smart, easy to process is a major feature. For radiators of the same specifications, the weight of aluminum alloy is 1/3 of that of steel radiators.
The aluminum alloy radiator is the lightest among various radiators, and is easy to handle and install. At the same time, it has good thermal conductivity, large heat dissipation, fast heat dissipation, and high metal thermal strength. Because it is easily extruded, it will extrude into Various shapes of radiators, so the appearance is novel and beautiful, and the decoration is strong. Because aluminum oxide is the best protective film to prevent further oxidation, it is not afraid of oxidative corrosion, and it is very popular among working-class workers at a reasonable price.
Aluminum heat sink, which has good thermal conductivity, high pressure resistance, and high metal thermal strength. The 2A600-6 aluminum radiator produced by our company has been tested by the National Testing Center for metal thermal strength of 2.277W / Kg ℃, while 0.4W / Kg ℃ for cast iron, 0.76W / Kg ℃ for steel and 1.728W for copper and aluminum / Kg ° C, aluminum has a large amount of heat dissipation, fast heat dissipation, and efficiency is the biggest feature of aluminum radiators. The surface is electrostatically sprayed with plastic, the color is beautiful, and the decoration is good. The overall evaluation is: comprehensive production does not pollute the environment and does not pollute water quality. The heat dissipation intensity is four times that of the cast angle. Light weight is one tenth of that of cast iron. Beautiful and elegant, occupying small room space, environmental protection and energy saving. Very in line with China's development of radiators "light, efficient, environmentally friendly, energy saving" requirements of the eight characters.
From the perspective of manufacturing radiators, aluminum alloy radiators are the best choice of materials. No matter it is energy saving, material saving, decoration, price, weight, etc., it has advantages. That is, copper and aluminum, steel aluminum, stainless steel aluminum and aluminum composite products contain aluminum. The problem is the combination of the above, which is not as good as steel pipe in terms of bending angle, but the heat dissipation of steel pipe is definitely inferior to that of aluminum; in terms of price, it is a special point; in terms of corrosion protection, steel is Anti-corrosion after phosphating, the process is tedious, and aluminum alloy is oxidative or direct corrosion. Therefore, the radiator made of aluminum alloy is superior to the radiator made of other materials in any aspect.